Got Dirt?

It's officially fall y'all!  I know it doesn't feel like it, but colder weather is coming and with the colder weather comes rain and moisture.  But did you know that October is historically Louisiana's driest month?  Since 2010, October has averaged a little over just 2 inches of rainfall for the entire month.  The beautiful, dry festival weather only lasts so long though.


As December approaches, the wet weather starts to move in and Louisiana seems to not have any consecutive days without rain or precipitation.  In fact, it rains on average about every 3 1/2 days in the winter months here.  With the shorter days and colder weather, the ground doesn't fully dry before more moisture hits.

So why does this weather lesson matter?  An important step to building your dream home is getting your dirt foundation set on your home site so you can begin construction.  With October being the driest month, now's the time to get that step done before your dirt turns to mud.


If you have any questions about the dirt work that needs to be done on your home site, we are here to help.

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