6 Indoor Plants We Think You’ll Love


It's no secret that indoor plants are trending right now- they are all over every Pinterest board you see. Their versatility allows you to use them in pretty much any decor theme by adding a fresh and natural element to your home. But what you may not realize is that having plants in your home can be beneficial to your health as well! They release oxygen into the air and absorb carbon dioxide, improving the quality of the air you breathe while eliminating harmful toxins. While they can seem intimidating, we found this article listing some of the most low maintenance house plants. Keep reading to see what our picks are and why we think you'll love them! (Photo Credit)

rubber tree

The Rubber Tree is perfect to have in your home if you consider yourself a beginner with plants. They are low maintenance and actually do better with under watering than over watering. Rubber plants also eliminate bacteria and mold spores in the air, making them a great house plant to have! They can grow up to 8 feet high depending on the conditions, so make sure to keep this plant in an open space to allow them to grow. (Photo Credit)

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This sun-loving succulent adds a unique flair to any room. Aloe Vera not only purifies the air in your home but also helps heal cuts and burns, acne and other skin conditions. The best place for an Aloe Vera plant is in a sunny area, like your kitchen window! (Photo Credit)

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The Calathea plant (also known as a Peacock Plant) is a popular indoor plant because of its beautiful color. It is also perfect for those on the go who don't have much time to tend to a plant. Calathea plants require indirect sunlight and very little water, so this is a great starting point when purchasing plants for your home. It is also special for another reason: it closes its leaves at night and opens them again in the morning! (Photo Credit)

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Also known as the "it" plant of the design world, the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is one of the most popular indoor plants at the moment. This plant is visually appealing and can steal the show in any room. Because of its large, broad leaves it is extremely efficient for purifying the air and controlling humidity in your home. The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree also loves the sun, so make sure to put it in a room with plenty of it and make sure to water it once a week. (Photo Credit)

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snake plant

The durability of the Snake Plant makes it an excellent choice for people that often have limited success with houseplants due to lighting issues. Snake plants absorb toxins and releases oxygen, so if you suffer with allergies or a low immune system this plant is perfect for you. While most plants release carbon dioxide at night the Snake Plant produces oxygen, so the best place for this one is in your bedroom. Fun fact: you could live in a completely air sealed room as long as you have 6-8 of these plants per person! (Photo Credit)

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peace lily

The Peace Lily is a beautiful addition to your home because of its occasional white bloom. In addition to its appearance, the Peace Lily was also one of NASA's top indoor plants for cleaning the air! This plant does require a little more attention- depending on its environment the amount of water it needs can vary. When it is in full bloom, the Peace Lily will certainly make a statement in your home. (Photo Credit)

Whether you work from home or you're always on the go, these plants make it easy for you to take care of them. Keep these plants in mind when you are looking to freshen up your home decor! Between their pleasant appearance and incredible health benefits, indoor plants should be a staple in your home.

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