8 Exciting ways to get your front door ready for spring!

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April is often noted as the month of new beginnings, the flowers are blooming, the weather is changing, and we get a few more hours in the afternoon to enjoy the outdoors! When going from the darker colors of winter to the pastels and bright colors of spring, celebrate by breaking out some new décor to make your front door a breath of fresh air! Here at Cretin Townsend Homes we truly admire how the front door acts as a pathway into the home; ushering in friends, family and colleagues. We found this article  which inspired us to share eight of our favorite ways to get your front door ready for spring!

Add a seasonal wreath. 

What says spring more than a floral wreath? Adding a wreath to the front door is a easy way to add charm and curb appeal to any front door. ( Also really fun to look at).

Wreaths are great seasonal decorations, switching them out occasionally is just one small and cost efficient way to make a big difference to your front door. If you want a light and airy feel check out this beautiful wreath, the bright whites and oranges of the flowers and greenery make any doorway more noticeable and welcoming! You can find this stunning wreath here!



Update your doormat.

Adding or switching out your everyday doormat for one with some spring flare is a great way to welcome guest into the home. They are often an easy and another inexpensive way to add personality and color to a normally bland unnoticed area. Try adding a colorful doormat like this to give your front door a nice and subtle spring time touch.

Update the hardware.

While switching out the front door hardware is not necessary every season, adding a pleasant new knocker to the front door will provide great charm and a unique element to your home. This adorable little bird could easily be switched in for a regular knocker many seasons of the year and adds the perfect amount of a spring time touch. Paired with a seasonal wreath, this would be a show stopper for sure! If birds suit your fancy, then you can find this bird-knocker here!


Add fresh floral pieces.

If you really want your front door to be picture perfect, look no further than adding some new floral pieces to the perimeter of the door. Lining beautiful pots with different patterns creates a walkway to the front door and adding fresh vibrant flowers to line the door creates a spring feeling like no other! This simple floral walkway is perfect for spring, the bright pink color of the decorative wreath paired with the matching potted flowers is a sure way to make your front door look like something out of a magazine!

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Give it a fresh coat of paint.

While it may not be the easiest on this list, setting aside a Saturday of the season to freshen up the front door with a fun new color can be such an exciting addition to the exterior of the house! Grab a mimosa, enjoy the weather and give your front door a fresh coat of paint!   Whether you choose to go for a fun blue that gives off tranquil vibes or a light pink that will be sure to catch eyes, making this change can completely transform the space and inspire you to get it perfect for spring! The light blue paired with the opaque white of the trimming really makes this door stand out!

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Add decorative accents.

If you really want to personalize your front door its all in the decorative accents. This could include any number of things. If you want to brighten the space you could always add some decorative lanterns! If you’re in to the rustic look these shutters perched outside the door have a perfect weathered feel! The aluminum flower tray also pairs nicely, expanding the range of materials used. Adding something such as a painted watering can can bring together a space beautifully and be purposeful.The dark door also makes the bright yellow flowers from the wreath and potted flowers stand out!

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Add seating.

If space allows, adding additional seating outside is a great way to get your outdoor area ready for spring. Nothing beats sitting outside in the mornings drinking a fresh cup of coffee to start your day or relaxing in the evenings with a glass of wine enjoying the sun as the day comes to an end. Whether a single rocking chair or an amazingly priced bench, this touch can be incorporated each season by adding fun decorative pillows and bright accent pieces!

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Spring is a beautiful time of year and a great time to enjoy your home. Supplementing a few new elements to your front door can be enjoyable and low-cost way to get your entryway ready for spring! Whether you’re a working parent who doesn’t have much free time or someone just looking to add some new décor these changes can be made relatively easily and will surely be worth the time spent doing them. From everyone here at Cretin Townsend Homes we hope you have a truly inspiring spring!

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