Adding farmhouse styled elements to your new home!

Adding farmhouse styled elements to your new home!

Nothing says welcome home like bright walls, fun textures and warm wood tones, and if a comfortable country styled oasis is what you’re searching for well then Darlin, Sugar, Sweetheart the farmhouse style may just be what you’re searching for!

This Pinterest worthy design is every where you look! With a soothing and comforting aesthetic this style makes any home feel like there should be a fresh baked cherry pie in the kitchen! We were inspired to share with you some things to keep in mind when adding farmhouse styled elements to your new home!


Hardwood Floors

The floor of any home impacts the overall style and character throughout the entire house, and to be honest farmhouse floors are nothing short of beautiful. Hardwood floors have been used for hundreds of years making them truly timeless! Hardwood floors offer a high-end finish and add warmth to the home. They also add strength and durability and are rather easy to clean. Hardwood floors have a variety of stains to choose from! Try opting for a darker hardwood in contrast to light bright walls to add warmth and depth!

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In any farmhouse style home, you’ll note just how bright and open they feel. This comes from the key element of stark white walls and cabinets! White walls are key to making any room feel bigger and allow you to accent with beautiful rustic woods, which when paired together is a farmhouse dream.


There’s no secret when it comes to the farmhouse style just how prevalent the infamous shiplap wall is. All it takes is one look through any interior decorating magazine or to flip on any HGTV show and shiplap will certainly be there. Shiplap adds lovely brightness, texture and charm to an otherwise plain wall. Shiplap walls are significant elements in the farmhouse style, they act as great accent walls and will undoubtably have all guest admiring their beauty.


Barn Doors

When adding farmhouse elements to your new home consider opting for the addition of “barn doors” in certain areas of your home! They make great entryways to home offices, closets and master bathrooms.
These doors are statement pieces in the farmhouse style because of the beautiful variation in texture and color they provide. These rustic wood doors offer a beautiful contrast from the other normal entryways in the home! Rather than a typical door that swings out, barn doors move horizonal along the wall saving impressive amounts of space and are very convenient to use in doorways such as pantries!


Farmhouse Sink

Being in the 21st century certain design features have changed through time. There was once a time when sinks only acted as a dropping place for dirty dishes. Now, they have evolved to be focal points in kitchens! The popular “farmhouse sink” is a key element in the farmhouse style! Farmhouse sinks usually have much more depth than a regular stainless-steel sink and are also tremendously scratch and stain resistant, all the while offering a timeless design!

When Adding farmhouse styled elements to your new home, there are many things to keep in mind when it comes to the furniture!


Rustic Dining Room

Dining rooms are often great places to work in farmhouse elements! Incorporating rustic woods into your dining table and chairs delivers a charming farmhouse feel.


Living Room

The living room is undoubtedly one of the most used rooms in a home. This makes them the perfect place to bring together a variety of farmhouse styled elements. Incorporating wood toned décor as well as dark iron accent pieces pulls the space together beautifully! If you have a blank wall try opting for a oversized feaux iron clock to add contrast to the room!

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Bedroom Furniture


When adding farmhouse elements to your bedroom, try opting for a bedframe that has a weathered white wash appearance! These are extremely popular within the farmhouse community for their shabby chic appearance! Any kind of distressed wood furniture exemplifies farmhouse style!
Iron bed frames are also great elements that embodies the farmhouse style!

We found a similar iron bedframe like this one for 250$! This iron element will add a great contrast to the bright walls and will help give any bedroom a farmhouse feel!



Adding antique elements to your bathroom is another great way to supplement the farmhouse style! This beautiful claw foot tub brings the beauty and elegance from the late 19th century to your bathrooms. Its uniqueness adds inspiring character and really transforms the space! Incorporating iron lighting and open concept wood shelving is also a great way to extend the farmhouse style throughout your home


Jute Rugs

Jute rugs are key elements in the farmhouse style! They offer great texture, durability and stain resistance, which makes them perfect for high traffic areas! These rugs often have wood tone color pallets which makes them fit flawlessly with the farmhouse style

Fresh Cut Flowers 1

Fresh Flowers

Weather fresh from the garden or from your latest trip to the grocery, fresh floral pieces through the home creates a very welcoming atmosphere. When looking to accentuate the farmhouse style with flowers try opting for bright greenery in galvanized or glass containers! Add bright flowers such as sunflowers or peonies in the kitchen and bathroom to give off floral scents and add simplistic beauty!

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Mason Jars

These delightful jars have recently taken the interior design and DIY world by storm, they are extremely affordable and can be used for almost anything, from organization in the bathroom, to kitchen utensils holders and even centerpieces! These jars are wonderful ways to organize and add character while encompassing the farmhouse style through out the entire house.

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Fabrics are magnificent ways to accent your home. For the farm house style burlap is one of the most prevalent. Similar to the jute rugs, burlap is an easy to incorporate farmhouse element! Burlap is a great way to blend some rustic texture into your home, and like mason jars have a multiple of uses! They can be used as decorative pillows, table runners and wreaths, the options are limitless.

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There is no secret as to why the farmhouse style is so famous. The bright colors, rustic woods and fun accent pieces truly make any home feel like a place where you can lay back and drink some sweat tea! Adding some of these farmhouse elements to your new home is the perfect way to create this dream worthy style.

Many of the images used on this blog post are homes built by Cretin Townsend Homes, to check out more of our beautifully built homes check out our media gallery here!

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