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The Modern Farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity, characterized by its mix of neutral colors and natural materials. Neutral colors are often used keeping the space light, fresh and current. More traditional farmhouses consist of moss greens and sunny yellows. We love to combine the two, so below we put together some color suggestions if you're looking to add some modern farmhouse style to your home.
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This Washington Post article said it best when they said "the gloomiest color on the spectrum is now the hottest for your home". Grey has quickly become an essential choice for paint colors. While staying neutral, it can brighten up any room while staying modern yet timeless.  Known as the "chameleon of colors", the versatility of grey is shown through the undertones and hues in each shade. 


Using the color blue can be calming and add comfort to the home which is why it is the perfect addition in a modern farmhouse. Blue is the most popular color family because of its versatility and ability to compliment a neutral color scheme. Use a darker tone for a more modern and conservative look.


Combining the calming affects of blue with the happiness of yellow, using green in the home creates a very balanced environment. It works well in most spaces but living rooms, bedrooms and offices are the perfect places to try out this hue.


White and pastel paints are clean and bright and will certainly add a nice lightness to a space. You will notice that most farmhouse style homes have a white exterior. Similar to grey, white paints have many undertones ranging from cool to warm so make sure to pay close attention when choosing your shade. 


Red is a great color to use when you want the space to feel more energetic. The best place to use this color is in this kitchen or where you do the most entertaining!
When using this in a modern farmhouse, opt for more rust and brown tones to keep it more neutral while still adding a pop of color.


Yellow paint is just like adding a drop of sunshine to an interior space adding a brightness and inner glow. If making an entire room this color is a little too intimidating, try incorporating it into your home decor! This happy color will certainly make any guest feel right at home.

Picking out the colors for your home is exciting yet intimidating.
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