This memorial day get your home ready for a patriotic party like no other!

Memorial day is right around the corner, and if you're like any one of us here at Cretin Townsend Homes, you're excited to spend the weekend honoring those who have served, eating some good food and spending quality time with your family making memories!

Now, Memorial Day is great for a lot of things and here in the south nothing quite says Memorial Day weekend like getting your friends and family together for a weekend barbecue. We’ve compiled some fresh ideas to get your home patriotic party ready!


Fresh flowers add a bright and airy look to any space, and odds are you may already have some spread through your home. Adding small star spangled banner flags to vases with floral arrangements adds the perfect amount of color and festive flare! If you’re looking to really make these pieces stand out, opt for red and white flowers and add a tiny amount of blue food coloring to the water! For variation, have white flowers and put red food coloring in the water! This little enchantment will take a typical and beautiful piece to a unique and eye catching one.

If you’re looking to add some bright colors to your indoor or outdoor sitting area, stores such as Amazon,Kirklands and Target have a plethora of patriotic throw pillows to add to any space! Comfy, cute and functional, who could ask for more? These pieces are easy to find and inexpensive which make them amazing additions to your home to get it party ready!


The magic that comes with a summer barbecue really seems to happen in the outdoor area! If you don’t want to go overboard with flag decor try opting for solid blue table cloths and white plate settings! Hang fun tapestry and flags around your outdoor area to extend the patriotic color scheme outside! If you really want to be unique use star cut outs at stencils - spray paint red, white and blue stars on the grass in your yard. Interestingly enough, one of the funnest and most unique way to incorporate color and décor is in the food!


The focal point of any barbecue is the food! Hamburgers, chicken and hot dogs are staples at any barbecue! Fascinatingly enough you can incorporate red, white and blue into many side items. Fresh fruit is a great addition and there are endless possibilities of placing them together to create fun and fresh dishes! The Food network released this recipe and instructions to making this breathtaking and yummy trifle using angel food cake and fresh berries. Desserts are also super fun to create, and you can alter any recipe to add some patriotic color. These Oreo's dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with patriotic sprinkles is a really easy and adorable way to incorporate the holiday into the food! They are sure to be a hit for children and adults alike!


As of right now it looks like the weather forecast in southern Louisiana has the temperatures in the 90s on memorial day weekend, with this being said it is critical to ensure you have plenty of ice cold beverages for your guest! Nothing beats fresh homemade lemonade and it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Fruit punch is also a great addition to have adding variety and catering to other guest. Water is the most important on any hot sunny day, so be sure to have an abundance so that your guest can stay hydrated and happy!


Adult beverages

Memorial Day parties are also great places to showcase fun cocktails for those who drink! Pinterest has a ton of unique recipes perfect for an outdoor summer party. A variety of ice cold beers are sure to be a crowd pleaser and having some white wine is also a great addition! If you really want to surprise and excite your guest making fun patriotic jello shots is super easy and a fun addition to any party!


Outdoor games are a great way to get your guest interacting and to create a fun and party atmosphere! Memorial Day is a great excuse to build a collection of outdoor games that you can enjoy most of the year! Corn hole, bean bag toss and horse shoes are some of the most common. Options for outdoor games are endless, there are many DIY games that you can create using things you already own!

This memorial day we here at Cretin Townsend Homes hope you have a fun and safe holiday weekend. Take time this time to enjoy the weather, good friends and spending time with your family. Never forgetting we celebrate remembering those who died in active military service.

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