Summer Activities to make the whole family happy!

Summer is here and for the kids in your life there is no sweeter time than this! School is out after a long year and they are through the moon to be home! As for the parents, not having to micro manage everyday routines such as getting ready, packing a lunch and getting them off to school, you may also consider summer a break for yourself! However, it seems a few days later most children find themselves in a perpetual state of "boredness" and if you have children you know what we mean. The phrase "I'm bored" seems to be a very popular phrase amongst kiddos these days. With increases in technology they are use to being in a ever changing daily life. Yet, when taken out of their daily routine of school, home and sleep they often find this influx of time challenging to accommodate! With this being said we have gathered up some great, inexpensive ways to keep your kids entertained for summer!

Arts And Crafts

Theres a reason art is one of children's favorite school week activities, and incorporating weekly arts and crafts into their schedule is a easy and often inexpensive way to ensure children have fun things to do. Odds are if you have school aged kids, somewhere in your home you most likely have a bin of markers, crayons and color pencils! Just give your kiddos some paper or coloring books and this will surely be a crowd pleaser! To make things easier on you the parent, we recommend opting for washable markers such as these Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Broad Line Markers that come with forty different colors for only $15.83 on amazon.
Another amazing thing about having your children participate in arts and crafts is there is a wide variety of things they can do! Finger painting for example, is sure to be a hit and the parent can even have some fun with that! Amazon has a set of 12 Crayola Washable Kids' Paint, that includes Glitter Paint for $11.99! This product is nontoxic and a water based paint that's great for arts and crafts! Although this product is washable laying down an old table cloth will ensure cleanup is a breeze!

Outdoor Activities

Having endless hours of fun in the sun is such an exciting part of summer, and most often kids will crave to play outside! To keep them from getting into too much trouble ensure your children have a variety of things to do! Amazon is selling a proball set that includes a football, soccer ball and basket ball for only $16.13.
Even if you don't have a basketball goal or soccer net, this variety set of balls will be just enough to get your kiddos imagination soaring! You will be surprised at the amount of games they can make up!
On days you want to make their outdoor experience really fun try incorporating some water toys! Target has a whole section featuring outdoor summer equipment! From slip and slides to water balloons and water guns, having your kiddos throw on a swimsuit and have a water party in their backyard will be some of their favorite summer memories!
Pro Tip: Don't forget the sunscreen for children who will be playing in the sun, reapplying regularly will help ensure their skin is protected while still having a great time!


The game isle at any store is a great place to get fun and fresh ideas for activities for children during summer. There are endless versions of board games, video games and interactive games that is sure to keep your kids busy while having a great time! Not only are these easy to find and incorporate there are many for different age groups!
For children 2-4 years old games such as puzzles, matching and color identifying are great ways to also help them learn shapes and colors!
For children 5-7 years old simple games that incorporate math skills such as counting and collecting helps with their development!
For Children 8+ years old incorporating games with spelling and team work help develop social skills!
Now, as fun as board games are, and the endless variety they supply is amazing their are still tons of other games to get your kiddos busy and having fun this summer! We found this Kids Scavenger Hunt for $18.00 on amazon! The game describes "Kids Scavenger Hunt is an active play game for indoors or outdoors. Kids actively seek objects based on the cards in their hand. The first team to collect all the clues is crowned the winner." This game is perfect for indoors and outdoors, and is great for children 6+ years old!

Summer Camps

Summer Camps are great activities for children during the summer! They offer daily activities and socialization! Meeting new friends and engaging in activities is amazing way for your children to spend their time. The best part is that there are so many variations of camps, weather your child is an art fanatic and wants to go to art camp or they enjoy robots and want to go to robotics camp there are accommodations for everyone! Finding the perfect summer camp for your children is a few clicks away! Check out your surrounding public library's to see their summer program schedules! Local art centers also typically put on summer camps ! Colleges and local businesses such as dance groups, science groups and agriculture groups also often put on amazing programs!

Day Trips

While you may not be able to frequently make them, incorporating a few day trips into your kiddos summer wil surely make them happy campers! Check around in your community and see if their are any activities going on, weather a summer safety class for children or a donation drive, incorporating your children in your community will surely build character and provide them with a sense of pride! By being examples to children to be active in the community, you are helping them see just how amazing it can be. Taking day trips to places like the Audubon or Baton rouge zoo are great memories and fun experiences for family's as a whole! The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas offers an amazing experience for children where they can touch a sting ray, feed a parakeet, and marvel at the gigantic sharks and stingrays in the 400,000-gallon Gulf of Mexico Exhibit. Within walking distance of the aquarium is also the Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium where you can discover why insects are the building blocks of all life on our planet and along the way, be shrunk to bug size, wander through a mysterious Louisiana swamp, join the active audience of an awards show for bugs, by bugs, and be captivated by thousands of butterflies in an Asian garden, making this a trip your kids will not soon forget!

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