The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Father and son in the countryside on a sunny day.

Father's Day is a way to recognize our loved ones for their unconditional love and hard work to provide for their family. Whether it is teaching us how to ride a bike, advising through difficult life decisions or walking you down the aisle, Dad is someone who will always be by your side every step of the way. We know how hard it can be to think of the perfect Father's Day gift, so we put this guide together to help you out! 

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Fitbit Versa

This Fitbit Versa is the perfect gift for the dad on the go! It can be compared with an Apple Watch but it is more affordable. Switch out the bands for more formal occasions or keep the sports band on for a more casual look!  Buy it here

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JBuds Wireless Headphones

Take these headphones anywhere without the bulky look of traditional headphones! The charging dock also doubles as storage, so they will hold a charge all day long! Buy it here

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Apollo Tool Kit

Every dad needs a reliable tool kit! This one covers pretty much all of the basics and is still affordable. Buy it here

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Qooltek Laser Level

This laser level will certainly come in handy when trying to hang things around the house. Save your dad the headache by gifting him this convenient tool! Buy it here

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Taste Trunk BBQ Subscription Box

This is a unique gift that dad will get a lot of use out of! This BBQ Subscription box comes with everything he needs- sauces, seasonings, accessories and much more! Buy it here

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Personalized BBQ Grilling Set

Make it personal with this BBQ Grilling set! It comes with a case for convenient storage and portability. This is a gift that dad will appreciate because it is useful and personal all wrapped up in one! Buy it here

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iGrill Barbecue Thermometer

This thermometer connects to your iPhone so you can keep an eye on the food while entertaining guests at the same time! This is the perfect gift for the tech savvy chef in your life. Buy it here

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MVMT Watch

MVMT is known for stylish watches at a reasonable cost. Keep dad trendy with a simple yet sleek watch for Father's Day! The best part is that the band is interchangeable so he can switch it out according to what he is wearing that day. Buy it here

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Tie Bar Subscription Box

If your dad wears ties on a daily basis, this might be the perfect gift for him! Tie Bar offers a subscription in which they send you a new tie every month. Keep dad looking sharp with this gift! Buy it here

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Personalized Wallet

Gift dad this personalized wallet so that every time he opens it he's reminded of how much you love him! A wallet will always be a good gift idea because they tend to wear and tear over time, so dad is probably due for a new one anyway! Buy it here

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Use this speaker anywhere- at home, at the beach, at a party and much more! This portable Bluetooth speaker packs a punch without being too bulky to bring it with you wherever you go.  Buy it here

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Yeti Personal Cooler

You can never have too many coolers. That's why this soft cooler would make the perfect Father's Day gift! Its extreme insulation will keep his drinks cold all day long.
Buy it here

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Costa Sunglasses

If your dad likes being outdoors, splurge on a pair of Costa Sunglasses for him this Father's Day. You won't regret it!  Buy it here

We hope this guide gave you a little inspiration for buying the perfect gift for Father's Day! For all the dads out there- thank you for all that you do!

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