Style Steal! Crate&Barrel Vs. Walmart

They say beauty comes with a price, and when it comes to breathtaking home décor and show stopping furniture pieces that is often the case! However, with advances in technology we have so many more options at our fingertips! This makes it possible to search for amazing finds within our budget, online! Yet it’s still all too easy to get caught up in looking at beautiful pieces on the internet that aren’t near as affordable as we hoped, or so we thought! Crate and Barrel is a very popular storefront that also has a very large selection of furniture and home decor online. Crate and Barrel is known for specializing in contemporary and modern furniture, housewares and décor. And if you’ve ever visited their website you can see they are full of beautiful and timeless pieces; the only downfall is that most pieces come with a very hefty price tag. Which is why we’ve taken the time to pick through some of our favorite pieces and find similar ones that won’t break the bank.

Accent Chair





Accent chairs are great additions to any room, they are strategically placed in a room to provide additional seating. As if the added functionality wasn’t amazing enough they are also great pieces to accentuate a space with. From retro designs to fun patterns or bold colors, accent chairs are a great way to add character to any room. On the left we have this breathtaking Nile Blue accent chair we found at Crate and barrel! However, this beautiful chair comes with a price tag of $1,884.00! The product description list the “Frame is Bench made with a certified sustainable hardwood that's kiln-dried to prevent warping” and measures W:38” D: 35” H:31”. Now this piece is sure to grab anyone’s attention and the price tag sure grabbed ours! So, we did some searching and found this slate blue velvet chair at Walmart for $468.00! That is a $1,400 difference from the one listed from Crate & Barrel. This chair is described as a “Traditional style club chair w/ modern appeal, handcrafted upholstery with buttery soft velvet fabric will make a statement in any room. Tuxedo square silhouette will perfectly match with every design theme”. The dimensions are also L:41” W: 34” H: 31”. Both chairs are undoubtably beautiful pieces and are great additions to any home!






Ottomans are one of the most functional pieces you can add to a space. Often, they serve as added storage as well as making for a convenient foot rest! Like accent chairs they provide a great opportunity to add character to a space! They come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes! From the typical square shape to the more unique circle version! While hunting down a great find we found this Cortina Ottoman on the left in the color Douglas, Lace from Crate and Barrel! One of the most unique things about this piece is that it comes in over 50 different colors and patterns! It rings in at $749! On the left we have the Better Homes and Gardens Grayson Linen Square Ottoman with Nail heads in the color gray from walmart. It is described as “ A sophisticated piece that is the ultimate multitasker, providing concealed storage, comfortable seating and an accent table in one classic design”. You can get this stylish and charming piece for only $99.99, making a total savings of $649.01.

Coffee Table





Now, these specific coffee tables are called nesting tables because they have additional pieces that you can store under them! On the right we have the Keya Antique Brass Nesting Coffee Tables from Crate and Barrel priced at $1,499.00! These pieces are so unique and extremely functional, as well as add a variety of design elements to the space! On the right we have the Lokyle Round Nesting Coffee Tables from Walmart for 299.99! This coffee table is three pieces, with two being able to store under the table that can act as additional seating or side tables! The total difference in these two items is a whopping $1199.01!






Beds are one of the most interesting pieces to look for, there are so many different shapes, designs and styles that make them exciting pieces to hunt for. One down fall about beds is that they normally are very pricey pieces. Nothing feels worse than falling in love with a bed that cost $1,799.00,which is exactly what happened with the bed on the left from Crate and Barrel, this Colette Queen Upholstered Bed 52.5" comes in a variety of shades and patterns, the one pictured is the Origin, Natural color which offers a timeless look. The headboard is detailed with a nailed border which really accentuates this piece. Crate and Barrel explains “The Colette queen platform bed brings grace and sophistication to the bedroom with an understated curved camelback in a soft natural linen blend.” Almost identically on the right we have the Logan Upholstered Bed with Nail Head Trim from Walmart. For a queen bed in this design and color the total is only $156.45! As you can see the designs and colors are a nearly perfect match and with a savings of $ 1642.55 this is one of our most amazing finds!

Office Chair





If you have ever been on the lookout for an office chair than you should be familiar with the fact that they are one of the most surprisingly expensive pieces! However, a quality chair is essential if you spend many hours at a desk. These ones we’ve found offer functionality with exquisite eye appeal! On the left we have the Ripple Ivory Leather Office Chair with Brass Frame from Crate and Barrell, who explains, Gliding atop nylon casters, its brass-plated frame supports a generously scaled padded seat in ivory leather, stitched to create sit-enhancing ripples.” This chair is a truly, mesmerizing piece and the price tag suggests just that. Coming in at $399.00, this office chair will most likely not fit into everyone budget. Luckily, we found this Meelano M348 Office Chair In Gold And White Vegan Leather from Walmart that comes in at $214.66, which is a 184.34$ savings! This chair offers a very similar design and color scheme to the Crate and Barrel  one and at a much more discounted price!

Its no secret just how fun searching for home furniture and décor is. And in todays world, with the many advances we have shopping online makes doing this as easy as a push of a button. While its fun to look at beautiful pieces the price tag may not always fit into your budget, but have no fear by doing some searching you can almost always find pieces that are similar and much more affordable. You wont always find spitting images or exact colors, but the potential savings is often worth wild!

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