Summer, Kids and the importance of Chores!

Undoubtedly summer is a time for fun and adventures, however all this fun can often mean quite a mess. The summer is a great time to start incorporating chores into your child's schedule. Chores are a great way for children to learn responsibility's and to be held accountable. Chores are also a great way to exemplify teamwork in the family. Exposing children to the ideal that the part they play in the home is as important as their siblings part is a great way to demonstrate the importance of working together. Having chores also teaches children to be motivated, knowing that consequences come whenever they slack can move on with them in their life. The types of consequences can vary depending on the rewards your children receive when they do their chores. Either way having some kind of consequence  is a small way to urge children to take care of the things they are responsible for. Hopefully building this mentality when they are young will help them in their future with school work, due dates, projects and grades! Another benefit of having chores is that it helps cure idle time! While were all to familiar with the " I'm Board" statement, pushing children to use this time while it may not be their ideal teaches them that even if they don't want to do something they are still capable of doing it! One of the biggest benefits of chores is seeing your child develop independence as time progresses, surely in their earlier years the chores will be less demanding, however as time goes on your child will develop a multitude of skills that they can use throughout their life.

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Age Groups

Ages 2-3 Years Old

Toddlers in the 2-3 year old range aren't quite capable of having specific, designated chores just yet. Often times however they mirror what they see from siblings or parents! If you're doing the laundry and you have a toddler odds are they will be right beside you excited to help in whatever way they can. At this age toddlers should be able to but their dirty clothes in the laundry, as long as the laundry bin is in a easy spot for them to reach! The should also be capable of picking up their books, toys and stuffed animals when asked! Bedtime cleanup is a great way to ensure their rooms are clean after a long day of playing and a nice way to calm down before bedtime! Other than that they will be more than excited to help with whatever chores their siblings are doing, they just might not be fully capable just yet!

Ages 4-6 Years Old

Children in the 4-6 year old range are much more independent, which means they can have additional chores. In general they should still be responsable for ensuring their room is clean and their clothes are in the dirty bin! In addition these ages are a great time to start implementing a little more help in the kitchen! Setting the table or gathring dining utensils is something that they are now capable of! Along with that, helping clear the table, such as putting their dishes in the sink and throwing away any towels is now a good responsibility to start implementing! Children can now also help take care of pets at this age! Whether you have a inside cat or an outside dog, children should now be able to help feed and water the pet! Helping put away groceries and making a small snack is also doable in the later years!

Ages 7-11 Years Old

In the 7-11 year old range children are much more capable of handling task independently. They are already capable of their previous chores, yet now they have gathered more experience. Folding and putting up laundry is a doable chore in this age range, granted the children are taught how to fold clothes this is an excellent skill for them to have. Sweeping and vacuuming is another big chore that children are now capable of. Ensuring the floor is clean after dinner and after a day of playing at home is a great chore to start implementing. Also helping with preparing dinner is a great chore that can be fun for parents and children alike! Towards the older years, children can also start helping take out the trash and ensure the trash can is out to be picked up on delivery day!

Ages 12+ Years Old

During the pre-teen and teen years it is very important for children to have responsibilities. At this age they are able to contribute a great amount to the home and family. While still being capable of the previous chores, children in this age range can now help take care of the outdoor living area, such as mow the lawn and even help garden. They can also begin using more sanitary cleaning agents such as disinfecting the counters and mopping the floors. Cleaning the bathrooms is also a chore that is great for pre-teens and teens to have, seeing as they can sometimes be quite smelly! When needed children in this age range should also be capable of helping take care of younger siblings! Cooking simple yet complete meals is also a great skill children at this age should be capable of doing.

Implementing summer chores is a great way to help children learn the importance of being responsible.  Helping facilitate growth is one of the amazing benefits of being a parent and to be able to help your child understand the capability they have to stay motivated and work hard is amazing. There are many different ways parent handle the distributing of chores. Chore Charts are among the most popular! Having a chart with the listed responsability of the children is a great visual reference to remind children of what they are responisble for. A chore checklist for each indivedual child is also a great way to remind them of their daily choors. If you have several kids in one specific age range mixing up and distributing the chores is a great way for the children to learn new things and also keep it more interesting for them!

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