10 households finds you need from Amazon right now!

Theres no doubt about it that shopping is a fun and an easy way to drop money on things you may or may not really need! One of the easiest places to drop some coins seems to be Amazon! Especially if you're a Prime member and thousands of items are at your disposal and can be at your home within two days! However, there's something abut shopping around and finding products that supplement your life that undoubtedly make you feel like its Christmas daily!
Amazon offers a wide variety of items that you wouldn't even realize you needed, yet after buying them you wonder how you lived life without them! While not always necessary sometimes its fun to add things to your life that are good for the environment, fun to have and overall beneficial to your home and its cleanliness!
So we have gathered up ten products that are sure to make you run over to Amazon and add them to your cart!


Wicker Stair Basket 33.98$

If you have stairs in your home, odds are you know that the things meant for upstairs often end up downstairs, especially if you have children transporting toys back and forth. This basket is specifically made to sit perfectly on your stairs! Made of sturdy, light weight materials it is great to use in transporting items back and forth! It also offers duel handles for easy carry! Measuring in at 14"L x 8"W x 16"H this basket offers exceptional amount of storage and is an amazing addition to any home with stairs! You can find this basket on amazon for 33.98$ here!

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Non-Slip Velvet Hangers 50 Pack 20.99

If hanging laundry is something you dread, odds are plastic hangers account for some of your frustration. Nothing is worse than trying to hang a piece of clothing and it either not staying up or having to search for one that will work with that specific piece. This set of 50 non-slip velvet hangers is sure to be a game changer! The texture of the velvet makes gripping items such as tank-tops and spaghetti strap dresses easy! These hangers are also very thin and light weight which can also help save room in your closet! You can find this amazing set of hangers on amazon for only 20.99$ here! 

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Picture Frame/ Wireless Phone Charger 53.52$

Picture frames are a great way to display happy memories or images of something that makes you smile. This dual function picture frame also acts as a wireless phone charger! Perfect for the night stand or living room, simply hooking this picture frame up and putting your phone on it can give you a full charge without the hassle of phone cords! You can find this gem on amazon for 53.52$ here! 

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Stainless Steel Drinking Straws with cleaning brush, set of four 3.99$

One trend that's easy to jump on to right now is being more environmentally savvy, its possible you've seen in recent news, or perhaps in person that many restaurants have begun no longer serving straws or opting for paper ones! This comes from the movement to use more biodegradably friendly options in our everyday life to give the planet a little help! Another way you can do this is to opt for reusable straws! These stainless steel straws are great alternatives to plastic because they can be used over and over again! You can get a set of four of these amazing straws on amazon for 3.99$ here!

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Whiskey Decanter 750 ml 19.95$

If you have a whisky, scotch or vodka lover in your life or you simply like to keep some on hand for special occasions this beautiful glass decanter is a great opportunity to display liquor! It offers a truly timeless and classic look, the elegant pattern of the glass makes this piece truly a conversation starter! You can find this decanter and many more like it on amazon for 19.95$ here! 

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Clear Lazy Susan Turntable 9" 9.79$

Lazy Susan's are great additions to any home because they are such a multi function piece. You can use them in cabinets to organize herbs and spices or you can use them to display your favorite sauces, the list just goes on and on! This clear lazy Susan is beautiful and can really be places wherever needed! Its clean and sleek design makes it perfect for kitchen islands or bathrooms ! You can find this affordable piece on amazon for 9.97$ here!

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18-Oz. Glass Beverage Bottles, set of 6 19.95$

Along with the eco friendly straws, these glass bottles are also great for the environment as well as being  beautiful pieces! These bottles are reusable unlike plastic, and can be filled with any number of shakes, smoothies or drinks! These bottles are dishwasher safe and extremely durable! You can find a pack of six 18-Oz  environmentally friendly bottles on amazon for 19.95$ here!

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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 199.99$

Robotic vacuums have been all the rage lately however, they an often come with a price tag of upward to 500$! We did some digging and found the Deebot robotic vacuum cleaner for half the price of other competitors! This product claims to have up to a 110 minute runtime and can clean hardwood floors and carpets! With 4/5 stars on amazon we couldn't be more pleased with this find! You can find this deebot vacuum on amazon for 199.99$ here! 

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Charging Station 14.99$

The struggle is real when you're trying to charge multiple devices at once and the wall plug in only has two outlets! Hello, its 2019! We should be able to charge more than two things at once! Lucky for us amazon has this charging station that offers three normal wall outlets as well as three USB charging ports! Now you can charge up to six devices using one outlet plug in! This is perfect for a office or gaming station! Another unique feature of  this charging station is that it offers two slide out compartments on the side to hold two devices while being plugged in! You can find this game changing wall outlet on amazon for 14.99$ here! 

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WiFi Range Extender 16.99$

By far one of the coolest products we found when skewering amazon has been this Wi-Fi range extender! For only 16.99$ you can boost your Wi-Fi network and expand coverage! Now that's a crazy and amazing deal! This product also comes with a 2-year and free 24/7 technical support! weighing in at only 4.2 oz. this device can expand you Wi-Fi range throughout you whole home without worry of dead zones! You can find this useful device on amazon here!

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