A to Z. Start to Finish. Alpha to Omega. However you say it, the meaning is the same.  Cretin Townsend Homes is a one stop shop when it comes to building your dream home. Gone are the days when someone has to "piece their home together" by running around getting quotes, finding financing, and applying for permits. We have developed a seamless, easy process that takes our customers all the way from the inquiry stage through to the move into their dream home. We've done the legwork and put efficient systems in place so that our customers can relax and enjoy this exciting time in their lives.



Getting Started
Getting started is as easy as contacting us. We will walk you through every step: your new home consultation, your free home site evaluation, our Smart Choice Lender Program and into the construction phases.

Pre-Construction Phase
Our highly trained team will guide you through your final design steps as well as your banking and site prep.  Our process allows for multiple checkpoints to ensure your dream home while making it as convenient as possible.

Construction Phase
We have designed our construction process with our clients in mind. We can generally give a 5 to 6 month build time from slab pour to completion. Your personal builder will be in constant contact with you during construction of your dream home to give updates and answer any questions.

Post-construction Phase
Your new home is complete! Your personal builder will have a new home orientation with you to be sure the home meets your approval as well as demonstrate the various amenities in your home.  Your personal builder will also give you all information regarding your warranty with us.