Facebook – The Husser Family

We love our [Cretin] Townsend home. The entire staff is first class. Our project manager Keith Palmer was always a phone call away he made the experience painless. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you for our beautiful home.

Home Builder Icon PNGBen Husser

Facebook – The LaMarca Family

I just recently have completed building my house with cretin Townsend homes and I gotta say the whole process was awesome! When you build with CTH they make the process so easy and they really do try to make it as stress free as possible. They work with you on every little detail to make sure that the home you are building becomes your dream home! I thoroughly enjoyed working with my contractor Danny on building my home! He would check in with me weekly to make sure everything looked exactly the way I wanted it. And he worked with me so well on ALL the little details on the house! So I want to thank CTH and Danny for giving me the best customer service I could ask for and the house I always wanted! Thank y'all!

Matthew LaMarca

Facebook – The DiLapi Family

I am so happy to finally write this review. We were just handed the keys to our BEAUTIFUL house today, and we couldn't be happier with how everything went. I need to thank Jim for giving us the perfect ideas of how to change one of your plans into exactly what we had in our minds for our forever house. Brandi! Thank you for always being on top of your game and answering my 500 texts and emails and getting all our wants taken care of! Brandi was so much fun from the second we met her, and she took care of every concern we had through the design process. Love her!! And then we were handed off to the best supervisor we could ever ask for, Danny Stanley. Every Friday like clockwork, I got updates. Every Monday morning, like clockwork, I'd send him a list of questions/concerns, and I got immediate replies. I was never worried about anything not getting taken care of. Thank you Danny, for keeping our house on track. You were always on the ball and you got our house built 2 months faster than expected! He is the best! And honestly, I'm going to miss our [almost] daily banter. lol. These guys #reallydocare and it shows in every spot of communication you have with them. Yes, there are bumps on the road. But the way they handle business is second to none, and we don't regret one second of it. I will forever be grateful for the experience, and so relieved that we decided to go this route instead of our plan to self-contract a 100% custom designed plan. Love love love our house, and cannot wait to move in. Kim, April, John, Don.... all you guys. Thank you all so very much.

Jenn DiLapi

Facebook – The Aydell Family

I have officially been in my [Cretin] Townsend Home for a week and I could not be more in love with it. For years I’ve shied away from building my dream home for fear of the process. The idea of building a house seemed too intimidating with my lifestyle and time constraints of being single, working full time and having two daughters heavily involved in sports. But after meeting with [Cretin] Townsend Homes it became an attainable goal rather than a dream. I’m so excited that I was able to build a home, in budget, that not only shows my personality but fits our lifestyle perfectly. The process was seamless and moved much quicker than I could’ve done on my own (other than the weather which was out of our control). Especially with me being a master procrastinator. My builder, Steven, was amazing and readily available to answer all of my questions throughout the process. We look forward to enjoying our [Cretin] Townsend Home for years to come!

Ashley Aydell

Google Review – Todd C

The Gold Standard has been raised....... [Cretin] Townsend homes' employees made our dream home experience very pleasant. From Sales (Jim) to the owner himself (Mr. Joe), everyone was happy and willing to help. Special thanks goes out to our Building Supervisor Cody.... He is at the pinnacle of his profession and has taken care of any opportunities that arose (which were not many). After hour calls were always answered with professionalism second to none. His work ethic earned my trust and my praise. I recommend Townsend/Cretin homes to anyone who has a dream and wanting it to be fulfilled in a trouble free process.

Thanks Again Mr. Joe and crew for making our dream a reality.

Home Builder Icon PNGTodd C

Facebook – The Norton Family

We have been in our home for about six weeks and we absolutely love it. Our builder was Joe Ballard and he was the BEST! Kind and patient with all my questions! We lost our home of 38 years in the flood so rebuilding was a daunting task for me but Joe made it easy for us! I highly recommend Cretin [Townsend]!

Home Builder Icon PNGLeslie Norton

Facebook – The Ponville Family

We have been in our home since Thanksgiving week and we are IN LOVE with our house! The process was so easy and everyone was so friendly and helpful. I recommend Cretin Townsend to all of my friends who want to build! Simply the best! Thanks a million for my beautiful home

Cammie Ponville

Google Review – Joeby Luke

Great home for a great price and much more flexibility in customization than the typical builder. Very much satisified!

Home Builder LogoGoogle Review – Joeby Luke

Facebook – The Dickens Family

We have been in our new home for about a month and absolutely LOVE it. The process was as smooth as could be. Anthony and Wayne were very responsive to messages, concerns, questions, etc. Our home was the one that was mentioned in another rating of [Cretin] Townsend in which our neighbor gave them a 1 star. I don't quite understand their ranking of a service they did not use, however as an actual paying customer I can vouch for [Cretin] Townsend and am so glad they worked as fast as they can from daylight to sunset (which I called the parish personally and double checked and this is indeed the rule because we are not in city limits) to complete my home. [Cretin] Townsend was a great company and their crews were very professional and respectful in all my run ins with them. Thanks to everyone at [Cretin] Townsend that made our dreams a reality.

Home Builder Icon PNGKatherine Dickens

Facebook – The Melancon Family

Best decision we ever made.
Got the dream Home We wanted for a price under our budget.

Home Builder Icon PNGChase Melancon

Facebook – The Barberio Family

I love my new home! (Grand Townsend) I fully recommend Cretin Townsend. Our supervisor Brandon Graham gave 110% and kept us posted the whole time! These homes are top quality for a great price.

Home Builder Icon PNGShanna Barberio